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Camilla’s House in Hampshire

When Camilla sold her family home following her divorce, she was persuaded by an estate agent to view a 1950s bungalow which was for sale. Camilla visited the property purely to keep the agent happy, not really wanting a bungalow in the middle of a village, however she immediately fell in love with the views and potential of the property and bought the house on the spot!  If planning permission was declined to put another floor on, she would have modernised it and turned it around.  However she got planning and has now created a wonderful family home.

"Sue has now done the curtains in four or five homes for me, she pays such attention to detail, she always has lots of time for wonderful ideas, styles and fabrics.  Sue knows how to finish off a home exquisitely"

Camilla has always been very interested in interior design, she wanted to train as one after school however she was very much discouraged, and regrets not persuing it.  Camilla has helped friends with ideas for their houses over the years.

She employed an architect who was used to put her vision into place. There were a few difficult moments with the builders, but she got there in the end.

Camilla sourced all her colours, lighting, furniture and fabrics. Fabrics were mainly Colefax & Fowler.

Camilla August 2017

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