Telephone: 0208 293 0737
You have all done a really fabulous job – the curtains and blinds look perfect, so lovely to see, and I really can’t fault them.  All stunning! You have also been amazingly adaptable and helpful and installed in the most ‘difficult’ of circumstances.  I have to say it has been a first for me in terms of installing at a stage when everything is so behind but I have my marching orders and I am grateful to you for your support and for making things possible. 
Victoria Fairfax 30.07.2021
As ever we are pleased with your efforts. The curtains look great.  
Paul Bawcutt 16.07.2021
All the curtains and cushions look amazing.  The fabrics are fabulous.  The window seats are home and garden-worthy.  
Anne Stennett 10.07.2021
I've seen some photos and it all looks great - exactly what she wanted which is of course what matters.
Deborah Grossman 09.07.2021
Thanks so much.  The lampshades are gorgeous 😀
Ailish Coppock 06.07.2021
Yes, the curtains and blinds look good. 
Sarah Pemberton 10.06.2021
We're going to unwrap the bedroom curtains this weekend - I'm sure all will be great! Very happy with others.
Annabel Archer 04.06.2021
The skylight blinds are amazing!  And they couldn’t have been fitted at a better time for the hot weather, meaning our kitchen is nice and cool rather than a hotbox - we were wearing sunglasses inside for a bit - something I never thought I’d say in England!!!  
Sarah Dingley 01.06.2021
Yes, it’s absolutely perfect as usual! Thanks so much xxx
Lucy Todd 27.05.2021
We love the curtains and they are absolutely fine at the current length - no change needed! but thank you for being so accommodating if we had wanted to shorten them.  We're sleeping SO well with proper curtains and we particularly like the poles, so thank you for suggesting the Cameron Fuller options. I'll send you a photo. They look really nice. 
Catherine Pitcher 19.05.2021
My curtains are fitted and I am extremely happy with them.
Elena Strungaru 11.05.2021
Thank you for our wonderful curtains.  We are so thrilled.  They make such a difference.  They are lovely.
Jennie Dean 07.05.2021
We are really delighted with the blind which looks perfect. We will be back in touch with the next piece of work on our agenda in a few weeks. In the meantime thank you very much for this beautiful blind.
Charlotte-Anne Swerling 30.04.2021
We are very happy and appreciate all of your help and flexibility along the way.
Lucian Harriman 28.04.2021
That’s wonderful thanks so much for all your help on this project and accommodating all the additions!! 
Honor Riley 27.04.2021
John came at 10am today and left at 11.30am. He did an excellent job, a few minor adjustments at the end, but I am very happy with the blinds. So thank you very much for organizing that.    
Mrs. Gould 26.04.2021
Many thanks, My client is delighted with the new blinds so thank you very much for your assistance and to Robert for the installation.
Louise Robinson Interiors 22.04.2021
We are absolutely over the moon with the curtains and cushions. Thanks to you and your team!  Robert did a tremendous job with the fitting measurements and fitting the curtains today. We are thrilled!!! Thanks again.. I’ll be in touch if we need any more curtains in the future.
Zoe Tomlinson 21.04.2021
Thank you very much for delivering the blinds yesterday! We are very happy with them, they look great, thank you.
Mena Interiors 20.04.2021
The curtains are wonderful. Beautifully made and fitted. Thank you very much. We are pleased.
Sophie Watson 02.04.2021
Just to let you know I have made the final payment, Thank you so much the blinds look great.
Milly Andrews 31.03.2021
Curtains look great, very happy with them. Thanks again and give my best to Sue too. 
Jalal Jhamaney 29.03.2021
Thanks so much, Sue, was looking great!  Apologies I didn't get to say bye! See you next time.
Harriet Tuohy 24.03.2021
The tester looks amazing. So so pleased.  
Jemima Herbert 24.03.2021
All good thanks.  Rob did a great job working with an uneven floor and not straight walls.  Thanks for sorting this out.
Maire Leonard 12.03.2021
Yes, we received them (cushion pad and covers) and they are lovely. Thank you.
Sally Singletary 10.03.2021
I’m very happy with the blinds and the tenants were really happy with the fitters.
Karen Price 08.03.2021
Really exceptional craft .... thank you, Rob was great and interacting with you a Pleasure !
Olivier Rosenfield 02.03.2021
Honor’s blind looks amazing, I love, she loves it.  Really really pleased with it. Getting so fed up now - this lockdown really affecting us all more personally it seems. Hope you are all ok.
Dinah B 01.03.2021
They all look great and Mrs. McMahon is thrilled with them! Look forward to working with you all again soon.
Charlotte Elizabeth Design 23.02.2021
The curtains look absolutely stunning, we are all so pleased! And please do thank John, he was brilliant - he is clearly an experienced professional who loves his work and my in-laws enjoyed chatting with him.
Laura N 22.02.2021
The blinds all look fabulous, thank you.
Lynne D 17.02.2021
Thanks so much, the curtains are great and we love them!
Jason 25.01.2021
We're absolutely delighted with our curtains, thank you! They're beautifully made and lovely and thick, which is just what we wanted.
Felicity 21.12.2020
I am just back from site and all the blinds are looking AMAZING!! Really really beautiful, thank you so much.
Harriet 09.12.2020
It all looks fabulous- thank you!
Claire Parrish 04.12.2020
The curtains and blinds were looking great when I went over for the install.  I have a project that I'm currently working on, I'll be in touch early in the new year to arrange the curtains and blinds.    
Charlie Horner Design 01.12.2020
Rob did a great job hanging the curtains last week and they look great- thanks for checking!
Imperfect Interiors 29.11.2020
Thank you yes, we're happy with the cushions!
Helen Lee 28.11.2020
Thank you so much, I shall certainly be recommending your company as I’m very happy with everything.
John Morgan 25.11.2020
Thanks again the blinds look beautiful.  I have just signed up another client who will be in need of curtains in the new year so I shall be in touch again soon!
Saffron Hodgson 18.11.2020
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your help and hard work on the various different items that you produced for my client. My client is absolutely delighted with all of the pieces, in particular, the bedspread and the recent window seat and I cannot thank you enough for being so helpful with the earlier re-making of the silk cushions which I saw recently and they look amazing! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Louise 26.10.2020
It looks excellent! Jessica also very pleased.
Aisleen M 14.10.2020
Thanks, the curtains are wonderful.
Monty S 11.10.2020
Rob (SW Fitter) was round yesterday afternoon and completed an excellent job.  It was a pretty tricky job but Rob persevered and I’m very happy with the outcome.
Tom 17.09.2020
Just to let you know all looking great, the client was there today and is really thrilled with what Robert has installed so far. Shutters are fab.
Alice Leigh Design Ltd 14.09.2020
The curtains are great. We’re very pleased. Thank you for all your help.  
Ellie and Christian 14.09.2020
Perfect, thank you! The client emailed to say the curtains looked lovely, they were super pleased!
Rachel 20.07.2020
The curtains and blinds look really beautiful and it is so nice to see the lovely finishing effect, after living with this project from building site to a soft and comfortable room. Many thanks for everything, my client seems to be happy with everything.
NW Interiors 26.06.2020
What you’ve fitted so far looks great!
Barlow and Barlow 12.06.2020
Thank you - the curtains look amazing. Thank you for the speed in which it was done as well.
Lucy 12.03.2020
We are very happy with the finished product!
Daniel H 28.02.2020
Thank you very much. Lucy says the bed valance is perfect.
Sara Attwood 18.02.2020
Thanks so much. The curtains really are stunning and the room is transformed! Please thank the person/team who made them. Please also thank John for installing them.
Amanda A 28.01.2020
Yes we're very pleased with everything, thanks so much! The process has been very easy and efficient as well, thank you for that.
Anna D 27.01.2020
The curtains are lovely so many thanks to you and Faiza, to Andrew for spot-on measurements, and to everybody at Sue Whimster involved in making them. As recommended, curtains are still tied up, so am looking forward to unfurling them later in week! Also John was very careful when working in our home which was greatly appreciated.
Deborah M 09.12.2019
The new blinds are beautiful- thank you!
Jenny M 28.06.19
You have been extremely helpful and I'm delighted with the outcome. I hope we can work together on another project soon.
Felicia F 28.06.19
Rebecca was very happy with the blind and cushions.
Luisa Barns 19.06.19
Good morning, I just wanted to Thank you for the beautiful curtains and blinds you made for me, stunning!
Camilla V 31.05.2019
Thank you Nicola, the curtains are lovely!
Helena 03.04.2019
The flat at Redcliffe street is transformed with those beautiful curtains and window seats, and so is Culford gardens. Both clients are very happy with the job your team has done, thank you very much!
Studio Merjay 06.03.2019
Everything is gorgeous and thank you!
K. Sykes 15.02.2019
Apologies that this is a little late, but I just wanted to say a big thank you for the gorgeous flowers – they look and smell wonderful. Thank you also for sending the team to complete the work at our house. I know that we had some difficulties, but I did want to say that you have a fabulous team of colleagues.
J. Hennigan 13.02.2019
Also I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the blinds that have been fitted - I am so thrilled with them. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job!
R. Fenn 23.01.2019
The curtains look fabulous, well done all.
E.Colley 18.01.2019
I wanted to let you know I am very impressed by your company. The service is impeccable and the workmanship excellent and you deliver when you said you would. The pelmet looks nice and sturdy. Everyone is courteous and helpful. I will definitely continue to work with you on the rest of my house bit by bit.
G. Wong 19.12.18
I was not here when your angel came and solved my curtain issue beautifully. I was so grateful for you sending the help straight away. hank you so much and have a wonderful Christmas.
E. Dickson 18.12.2018
Thank you, yes they arrived and did an excellent job. May I just say that the quality of the work you have delivered has been superb. When Jessica and Emma came on site last weekend they rightly pointed out the attention to detail throughout - for example on the symmetry of the blinds despite the very difficult fabric in the kitchen area. The curtains and everything else look stunning - thank you to you and the team. I really appreciate everything you’ve all done.
R. Cordrey 06.12.18
Sue the curtains look fabulous! A massive thank you to all your team.
N. Bidwell 06.12.18
I wasn’t at home when the blind was fitted but when I saw it last night I was thrilled!! It is absolutely stunning and it really makes the room. I am so happy!
V. Miller 28.11.2018
I adore my curtains & blinds, thank you so much! Thanks again.
J.Korantzopoulou 22.11.18
THANK YOU SO SO much for the beautiful study curtains which were hung yesterday. I absolutely LOVE them - thank you so, so much for making them so beautifully and so quickly. The pelmet fits perfectly and is the perfect depth and I love the shape and the piping. The curtains are the perfect length. Thank you so, so much for the care and excellent service - we really love them!
L.Mindenhall 22.11.18
I am very happy with the upholstery and I had a look yesterday night at the curtains and they look great. Many thanks for your help.
T. Plaquet 09.11.2018
To Sue & Nicky, special thanks for your hard work on project Bollo. We couldn't have done it without you!
Bergman & Mar 01.11.18
Jason & Isla at Lyford are really happy with the curtains. I wanted to say how much I appreciated the way you resolved the problem for them so quickly. The fact you went above & beyond by sending out the ‘portable workroom’ means a lot to me and is exactly why I have so much confidence working with you. Thank you!
Oliver Bea 01.11.18
John's just left now and I’m absolutely delighted with the curtain! He was so nice and he did a fantastic job. Very many thanks for a stunning curtain! I’m a very happy customer.
L. Smith 08.10.18
Rob was a brilliant chap and a great installer. The whole process has been seamless to be honest and the curtains and blinds look fantastic. We particularly love the curtains. Thanks again, we love them! 
R. Byford 03.10.18
I am delighted and thrilled with my curtains and can’t wait for the final set!
N. Bidwell 02.10.18
I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with the blinds. They really do look amazing. Thank you.
K. Stanners 14.09.18
Absolutely delighted with the blinds. Your team and Rob were excellent, so thank you.
E. Clark 14.09.18
Beautiful job and perfectly installed by Rob - and love the new curtains!!! Thanks everyone!
J. van Marken 12.09.2018
The blinds have been in place for about a month now and they are perfect, exactly what I was looking for.
E. Cule 11.09.2018
The curtains and blinds are all in, and look lovely!
J. Birchall 24.08.2018
The curtains look great - thank you!
B. Cooke 16.08.2018
Thank you for doing it so quickly. Brilliant service.
B. Roper 15.08.2018
Thanks so much, everything looks perfect. You’ve done me proud again!
N. Bailey 15.08.2018
My spare room blinds - as ever fantastic, brilliant, love them, thank you. Thanks again, very happy to have found Sue Whimster , Sue, you and Rob and all of you!
D. Beckett 15.08.2018
Rob has hung the curtains for me this morning and they look lovely. I will leave the ties in for a few days as you recommend. They have made the room look brighter. I would like to say that I am delighted with your service and will definitely use Sue Whimster Curtains again in the future. Thank you all again.
M. Milonas 15.08.2018
Everything looks just perfect, THANK YOU. Please tell Imo and Sue I’m thrilled!
N. Bailey 03.08.2018
The new curtains are a great success, thank  you!
K. Lightfoot 02.08.2018
Wonderful, that looks really good!  Thank you so much.  I am sure [the client] will be delighted.
V. Fairfax 27.07.2018
I LOVE my blinds - the fabric is amazing!
Clara Bee Design 29.06.2018
They look really fantastic, thanks for all your hard work on this and managing to get them installed earlier as planned. I must also say that John is such a lovely guy – really helpful, very kind and did a great job. Really happy with the end results, and also your efforts to work with our tight timescales for installation.
G & T Service 06.06.2018
Robert did an amazing job of the blinds. Photos attached. Poor guy was here five hours sorting them all, but what an incredible difference!! Absolutely thrilled with the work and will ensure I recommend Robert and your team.
R. Cordrey 26.05.2018
They look great!
S. Cooper 11.05.2018
We are very happy with the blinds, Thank you.
L. Trundle 01.05.2018
We love the blinds and they are of high quality
S. Anderson 26.04.2018
I'm very happy with these curtains, many many thanks!
E. Kellenberger 02.04.2018
Thank you so much! We love the blinds and the fitting went in very quickly and smoothly and they were even early!
C. Houghtling 28.02.2018