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Battersea House by Tara Watson

Sue worked with Tara Watson (Interior Designer) on this London house. The project was completed at the end of 2016. This was a top to bottom refurbishment of the entire house. Sue was employed to make the curtains for the house, and met with Tara at the planning stage.

Tara Said:  “Basically, I collected photographs that inspired me, and my ideas grew from these. Therefore I took several ideas from these images to create a perfect room setting. I then articulated my vision of these ideas to Sue. I was stunned by the finished results, and was impressed by Sue’s ability to understand exactly what I had wanted, and produce my vision in its entirety”

Sue Whimster made the curtains in the Sitting room, Kitchen, Snug, and loos.
Downstairs Curtains: Bilbao fabric with trimmings from Samuel and Son
The other rooms consisted of Fabric from Osbourne and Little and Mulberry.
Tara Watson was born in London and grew up in the Yorkshire dales –

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